Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Imaginative Tuesday!

Today, during morning center time in the Maple room Axel, Zin, and Jaquez were sorting the bugs from small to big. Jamie, NA'Zya, and Destiny built a tower with the Magna-tiles. During afternoon center time Ellianna built a tower on the light table with the transparent pyramid blocks. Sarah, Olivia K. and Brooke spent time looking at family pictures. During morning centers in the Pine room Jace was took on the role of a doctor, giving shots, taking temperatures and putting bandaids on patients. William was feeding and walking his pet cat. In the afternoon, Aidan was giving shots to many patients. Although it was a little bit chilly outside, the children were still running and riding bikes around the playground. The amphitheater was opened during the afternoon and it was a very popular area for the children. 

Sarah, Olivia K, and Brooke viewed the family pictures in the Maple room. 

Ellianna said, "There is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, this is really tall."
Pelumi, Ela, and Aya created a game in the Maple room. 
Isabell was tucking her baby into the carseat in the Pine room. 
We will see everyone on Thursday, have a great night!
-Miss Strobl & Miss Minner

Sensory Exploration!

It was a very eventful day today, in Pod A.  This week we added another sensory table and we changed out the materials. One table has corn kernels and the other has pine cones, leaves, sticks, and acorns. In addition, the children were able to explore oobleck and had the opportunity to help mix the corn starch and water together. Also, in the oak room, Zin, Cynthia, Jamie, Isabell, and Pelumi explored the clay and used the tools to make different sculptures. The children had more time to discover new things in the classrooms this afternoon because we closed the option of going outside due to the low temperatures. However, this did not stop the children from exploring the new materials that were set out. 
When asked what it felt like, the children replied, "gooey." They also said, "It's melting in my hands."
Gabrielle and Sabryna were making corn soup

Pelumi and Zin using the clay tools to create sculptures

Teaching Strategy Objectives: Science and Technology
 Demonstrates knowledge of the physical properties of objects and materials

Have a great night
Miss Yost and Miss Melching

Monday, September 29, 2014

Welcome Back to School!

 We added new items to the sensory tables in the Walnut room. Children got to explore the texture of corn and natural materials like pine cones! We also had ooblek in the Walnut room. Children said it was cold, sticky, and looked like milk! Also the water table had new cups and eye droppers added to it. The children did experiments to see how many times it took to fill a cup up with the water droppers. All the students have had water coloring appointments and now watercolors have become a big hit in the Oak room. Since the weather was so nice today we had the outside open for afternoon centers. The teachers hope to have nice weather the rest of the week so the children can have more time spent outdoors. See you tomorrow, Mrs. Barber.

The children were pretending the climber was their house

Tommy was balancing the wood pieces in the construction area outside
PJ is using the water droppers to fill the cup

Another Beautiful Monday

Happy Monday!

POD B was busy all morning!  In the Maple room, Magnatiles and Legos were popular for building.  Kallix helped some POD A children build cars with the Legos. In the Pine room, the new decorative corn and gourds were played with often, as well as the doctor's station.

The children had the opportunity to go outdoors during the afternoon centers to play.  There were bike races, digging, and games all around the playground.

Miss Bemis, a 402 student, plays along with Max and Casey as they dig

Some 402 students sat with Olivia, Kallix and William in the shade. They talked about what they like to do on hot days.

A group of children playing Duck, Duck, Goose in the afternoon.
Have a nice evening, and a great rest of the week!

Claire Kittle

Teaching Strategies Gold: Physical #4 - Demonstrates traveling skills

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy First Week of Fall!

Hello CDLL families! Although it was the first week of it felt like the Summer temperatures. The children took full advantage of the weather by spending lots of time outside. During morning centers in the Maple room the children were very engaged with the peg boards. The children were stacking and making patterns with the pegs. In the Pine room the children were busy in the doctor area giving shots, listening to each others heart beats, and taking temperatures.  We closed the Oak and Maple rooms again during afternoon centers to enjoy the beautiful weather. Outside the children were building cities with the foam blocks.
Axel was stacking the pegs and yelled "Timber" when they fell over.

Jace was listening to Leah's heartbeat.

Casey and Memo had a teacher stack the foam blocks on top of them during outside time.

Miss. Goodman and Jace drove to the water park during afternoon centers.
We hope you guys have a good weekend! We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!
Miss Minner and Miss Strobl!

Energetic Thursday

Today all the children were very upbeat and energetic. The children had the opportunity to go outside for a longer period of time today again to enjoy the beautiful weather. Like Tuesday, many children took advantage of this opportunity also. Today we added flower pots to the outside art cart and many children enjoyed decorating them. Even though the trees are changing colors and it is fall, the weather is feeling like summer. This is beneficial to every child due to all of the learning opportunities outside for the children to progress in their development.

Teaching Strategy Objective; Language
Using appropriate conversational and other communication skills.

Have a great weekend! See you on Tuesday
Miss Yost and Miss Melching

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Warm Wednesday

Hello Families!

Pod A had a warm, outside filled day! The children got to go without jackets and we even saw some t-shirts. While they were outside, the children explored the changing colors and asked questions about fall.

The sandbox was also very busy today. A lot of children were "baking" food for each other and for the teachers. The talked about their recipes and why they had made their food. Some children covered themselves with sand and said they were mermaids. After one child started the trend other children followed.
During the afternoon we had guests in our school. Students from EDU 347 came to visit to do science experiments with our children. Their experiments included launching a balloon rocket, making aluminum foil boats and a dancing raisin experiment. One of the favorite experiments was a paper helicopter experiment where the children tried different sizes to see which ones flew the best. Some of the children even took some home.

Have a fantastic rest of your day and I hope to see everyone tomorrow!
Amanda Overbeck
Michigan Teaching Standard
Early Learning In Science #1
Demonstrate curiosity about their natural environment.