Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentines Galore

Today was the beginning of a new week here in the CDLL.  There were many new items to see and experience in the hallway and outside!  One main attraction was for the children to discover different ways they could make valentines for their families.  Throughout the day, children were drawing and cutting out various heart shapes and writing messages for other classmates and other loved ones.

                                                "This is my Grandma and this is me." - Axel

     "I am going to bring this home for my family." - Brody

Teaching Strategies Gold
Objective # 2  Establishes and Sustains Positive Relationships

Ms. Viges 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Shop 'til You Drop!

Today in the Pine room children were busy using shopping carts at the Sushi Market and Pizzeria! Children pushed the shopping carts around the room collecting items to buy. Some children pushed babies in their cart. When they were finished they went to the registers to pay for the items.

Teaching Strategies Gold:
Objective 25: Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things 
Ms. Hallgren

Working Together to Build Water Tables
Today during afternoon center time, a group of children used tools, instructions, and teamwork to put together two water tables for the classroom. In the Maple room, they opened the boxed up parts and used screwdrivers, screws, and bolts to make the base of the tables. Once the base was completed, the children placed the plastic containers for the water on top of it. They then worked together to get them out of the Maple room and across to the other side of the school!
"This looks quite good."-Helena

"Looks like a baby crib."-Hailee

"You're going to get water damage!"-Andre

"This is part A."-Mohammad

"It's like a grandpa!"-Johnathan

Teaching Strategies Gold
Objective 3: Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations

Britney Randall

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Morning Music in the Indoor Movement Room

Parachute Fun With Music!
Today in the indoor movement room, Asher's Dad visited the children. He brought his guitar to play to the children, along with a parachute. With the parachute, he and the children sang many songs. For example, ring around the Rosie, the parachute goes round and round, and the popcorn song. Asher's Dad also sang and played the guitar for the children. It was a fun morning in the indoor movement room!

Teaching Strategy:
Objective 34: Explores musical concepts and expression
February 2nd, 2016
Ms. Reiter

Making Pathways!

During Mrs. Weller's small group the children used q-tips and straws to make pathways. After the children constructed their pathways they used animals and  made them walk through the path.

"My pathway goes from a river to a log"- Asher

"I am making a big garage" - Rohan 

Teaching Strategies Gold- #7a Uses fingers and hands
Ms. Monforton 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

All for One! One for All!

Today in the Oak Room we had set out materials for the children to add on to the community project we have started. We have a canopy in the Oak Room that has wire lined on the top of it, the children had a choice to use a pipe cleaner and wire to put objects on and hang them on the canopy. The children also had a choice between glass, macaroni, letter, and other various types of beads to string onto their pipe cleaners or wires.

I'm going to make a pattern! Green, purple, green purple!-Tommy

This is a snake and this is a blue lady bug!-Hailee M.

Ms. Seamans

Teaching Strategies Gold # 7 Demonstrates Fine Motor Strength and Coordination
Tuesday February 2, 2016 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Down on the Farm!

Today, the children in the Maple Room engaged with farming materials. They had the opportunity to drive large tractors, care for farm animals like pigs, goats, horses and cows, and interact with a wooden barn. 

"Oh no! The bull can't get out to see his baby!" - Tommy
"They need gas, not food!" -Brennen
"The troll is under the bridge! He wants to eat the goats!" - Stephen

Teaching Strategies Gold:
Objective: 25 - Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things

Mr. Taylor
February 1, 2016