Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Teamwork Tuesday!

Today many of the children in the Walnut and Oak room engaged in activities together. In the Walnut room the children worked together with the magnet tiles and the magnet wall to build many different structures. In the Oak room children explored the stage and painted pictures together. Outside the children continued to establish positive relationships with one another. They also discovered how they can use their bodies to ring the tall bell.
Jace and Christopher said, "We are making presents".

Daniel and Cynthia were rolling the tire back and fourth to one another.

The kids discovered the different ways they are able to make the bell ring. Axel used his hands. 

-Miss Strobl & Miss Minner

TS Gold: Establishes and sustains positive relationships

Terrific Tuesday

It was a very wonderful day today in Pod B.  The children seemed to really enjoy themselves as they participated in a wide variety of activities.  The children are really getting the daily routine and schedule now, thus the flow is going a lot smoother.  The pretend play in pine room is one of the more popular areas, however the construction area is also one of the top areas.  The children are really starting to interact with their peers and form friendships and relationships with them.

This group of children are working on making structure with the magna-tiles.

Marcilyn and Andrew were traveling on the path that was made.

Andrew and Violet were working together on an underground. 

These two children are working on their fine motor skills while pushing screws into a wooden block, with a screwdriver.

  These two were making up a game while playing together.

Teaching Strategies Gold Objective:
Social-Emotional; Establishes and Sustains Positive Relationships

Hope you have a wonderful evening, looking forward to see everyone Thursday! :)

Miss Melching and Miss Yost

Monday, September 15, 2014

Marvelous Monday!

Welcome back to school! Today we had new materials added to both the Pine and Maple rooms. In the Maple room screwdrivers were added to the workbench area. Children were able to use their fine-motor skills to twist the screws into the wood! We also added several new puzzles to both the rooms and they were consistently being used throughout the day. Since it was rainy at the end of the day we met at large group and got up and moving doing the teddy bear dance. See everyone tomorrow!

Annabella using the new screwdrivers and screws

Sumaya playing with the color puzzle 

The teddy bear dance at large group

See everyone tomorrow!
Miss Barber

Objective- Physical
7. Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination

Rainy Monday!

Today, the kids had fun exploring different areas within the pods that had new materials out for them to use. In Pod A, the floam was a big hit. For the past two weeks the children had the option to play with playdough, so they enjoyed getting to explore something new. The children were making shapes and enjoyed discussing why floam is sticky. Due to the rain the children were only able to go outside once. In Pod A, the children played at large group with the parachute. They explored a lot of different uses for the parachute, including games and songs.
"I am making a pizza. I have to roll it flat" - Alexis
"It's so bumpy"! - Sabryna
Michigan State Standard: Physical #7 Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination
The children using their fingers and hands to explore the floam involves using fine motor skills.

Happy Monday!
Stacey Jackson

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Exploring the Arts

Today went very well with the children. Even though it was chilly outside, they still enjoyed playing. The dramatic play area was a high interest area today, along with the outdoor art studio. The children really enjoy moving to a room that most interests them. Due to the first full week of being at school, the children are really picking up on our daily routine. Here is a glimpse of what the children did today in Pod B, hope you enjoy.

Teaching Strategies Objective
Cognitive #11
Demonstrates positive approaches to learning

Have a great weekend
Miss Yost and Miss Melching

What A Terrific Thursday!

It was a little chilly outside this morning, but the children stayed active indoors. In Pod A many kids spent time in the Walnut room working with the magnet tiles and the light table. In the Oak room the collage table was full of kids. The children also enjoyed listening to music and dancing to it on the stage. Children explored the magnetic wall with different types of magnetic objects.

Sarah N. used all of the rocks to outline the spiral on the light table.

Jace found a new place where magnets would stick.

Hope you have a great weekend!
Miss. Minner and Miss. Strobl

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today We Played In The Rain!

Today was picture day! Thankfully the rain held off long enough for everyone to get their picture taken. The children had the opportunity to play in the rain, they were very excited to go outside and explore! The children were provided with raincoats, rain pants, and rain boots and were encouraged to play in the water. Many of the children in Pod B spent time exploring colors at the light table, block area where they played with colored blocks, and magnet tiles on the rug.  

" I see yellow"

Teaching Strategies Gold
#13 uses classification skills

Have a great week!
Miss Ciampa