Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tinfoil River!

Today during small group, the children made a river out of tinfoil. After viewing and sketching real rivers, they wanted to explore what would happen when they placed it on a hill and poured water down it. We all used team work to construct the river, and gently carry it outside.

We noticed it was a little windy outside, so the children looked around the playground for something to put in the river to hold it down. They decided to put "rocks" inside it. They used wooden blocks for rocks. 

After exploring what happened when pouring the water down our hand made river, we discussed the similarities and differences of real rivers and our river. They noticed that both are surrounded by grass, have water, and rocks. Our river is shiny, but others aren't. Also, our river is different because it ripped. 

Teaching Strategies- Science and Technology, Objective 27: Demonstrates knowledge of the Earth's environment. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful last day of the week, and a great weekend! -Miss Kubbe 

Story Time in Pod A

It seems that the children really have been enjoying creating their own stories and constructing them into books. The stories have been about all different kinds of things from Star Wars to Frozen to stories they created themselves.

Aaliyah and Ne’Siah asked to share their stories with the class at group time. Each of them shared their books with their classmates closely listening, even asking question along the way. Mitchell had even asked to share his story again that he told on Monday.

It seems like we have many future storytellers and authors!

Teaching Strategies #17 Literacy: Demonstrates knowledges of print and its uses.

** Ms. deGeus- with student teaching coming to a close, thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know you and your children. I loved my time here at the CDLL and the children play a large role in that!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Snow in April!

Pure Michigan weather for you,warm and rainy one day, cold and snowy the next. The kids were so excited to see snow again! During outside time the children got all bundled up in their winter gear and ran outside with anticpation. Some children made snow balls and snow angels. Other children enjoyed eating the snow. While others enjoyed how slippery the slide was and played on the slide the entire outside time. 

Teaching Strategies: Physical #7 Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills

Ms. Neych

Monday, April 14, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Although this morning it was raining pretty hard, as the day went on it started to clear up and the temperature started to drop tremendously, but that didn't stop us from going outside.  Luckily before outside time, it was all cleared up and we were able to put our rain gear on and go out and have some fun!  From all of the rain we received, the children noticed lots of worms in the dirt and that's exactly what they enjoyed doing today.
Teaching Strategy: Science and Technology #25- "Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things"

The Oak Room stayed busy throughout the day during centers, the children were able to get their hands dirty by playing with shaving cream.  They enjoyed making letters in the shaving cream by using their fingers to do so.  Also, some of the children helped sketch flowers onto wood so that we can use the wood for flower boxes.  After the sketching is finished, they will move onto painting the flowers.

The semester is coming to an end, so let's enjoy the last few weeks together having fun at our school!
Ms. Bennett

"Smells like chicken! Yum yum!"

Though the weather was unfavorable for some of our staff, it did not seem to phase most of our young students! Worms were present in numerous areas on the playground and the children took notice. They gathered around the worm, trying to resist the temptation of picking them up, and watched as it stretched and wiggled on the ground. "Smells like chicken! Yum yum!" Martin exclaimed after inhaling deeply. The children examined what the worm was doing and also made predictions as to where the worm might be headed on a day like today. They even constructed a house for him out of wooden circles.

Developing a keen appreciation for literacy in all its forms is a goal many teachers and schools strive to accomplish in their students. Lately, many children have taken an interest in writing and illustrating their own books. The CDLL staff was more than happy today to let a couple share their creations to large group at the end of the day. Zoey and Mitchell both had the chance to sit in the teachers chair and read their story for the POD A class!

Teaching Strategies:
Science & Technology #25 - Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things
Literacy #17 - Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses
-Ms. Gross

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Make like a tree and leaf!

This morning in the Oak room, some art students from CMU came in to share a special project with the children. The children painted pictures of trees using photos of the four seasons as inspiration.

The children's hands and wrists were painted brown to create the trunk and branches of the tree. Then children could choose from a number of different colors and use their fingers to put leaves on the tree.

"I'm gonna keep it on forever!"
said Larry as he pressed his hand down hard onto the paper.

Joey painted some red leaves on his tree. Then he said, "I need green," and painted some green leaves onto his tree as well.

Through this activity, children used their hands to dig into the paint and create
unique pieces of artwork to take home to their families.

Michael M's finished tree painting
Have a great weekend!
-Ms. Hill

Teaching Strategies Objectives for Development and Learning
Art #33: Explores the visual arts

Outdoor Art!

The children were able to enjoy some time outside before the rain came, and during their time of getting fresh air they had the option to use the paint dabbers and markers to create paintings and drawings. Above, Nathan is working on writing his name while Liam paints a rainbow.

Thelma described her painting saying, "I made a beautiful rainbow." She began making a sky and landscape to add to the rainbow. "I need brown for my ducks," she said, "I guess I can always use golden for the ducks."

Sasha said to Thelma, "That is an awesome rainbow!" Elisha added, "I just made scribbles on my paper." The children used a variety of colors and mediums to create their pictures. "I am going to take this home with me!" Sasha said excitedly about her work.

Teaching Strategies Gold Objective 33: Explores the Visual Arts

Have a great weekend everyone and we will see you back on Monday!
-Miss Nolan