Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Guessing Games

Whose Eyes are Those and What Emotion is That?

In Mrs. Gursky's small group the children looked at pictures of children's eyes that are in their small group. From only looking at the eyes of the child, the children had to guess what classmate it was. The children had to be very observant in order to correctly identify the child. After that the children put their face in a paper frame and had to make a facial expression. The other children had to guess what emotion that child was feeling. 


"I knew it was Lila Beau because of her hair!" - James

" She's Sad!" - Asa

"Wow he looks mad!" -Jonathan

TS Gold: Cognitive: Recognizes and Recalls.


How Can Building a Marble Run Facilitate Cooperation?

 Rohan spent a long time constucting a building for his marbles to go down. When he was done building he let other children play with his structure.
"Yay!" -Rohan 

 Andre, Alana, Micah, and David worked together to keep the structure standing they each took turns putting the marbles at the top of the structure and watching them go down.
 "Can I play?" -Andre
"Yes!" -Micah
"Don't shake it too much so it will fall down!" -Alana
"I am working together too!" -Alana
"He [the marble] jumped out again!"-David

Rohan and Asher worked together to build a Marble Run.
"Put it up here and it will go all the way down!" -Asher
"We are playing a game!" -Rohan 

Alana noticed Rohan and Asher working on building a structure for their marbles and she decided to come and join them. 
"I can help you guys!" -Alana
"Thanks! We need some things to build on the bottom." -Asher

Teaching Strategy:
Objective 3: Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations 
Ms. Root

Monday, November 23, 2015

Let's Go Fishing!

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

In the Pine Room there was a river with fish set up for the children to play with. The fish that were used had magnets in them and so did the fishing poles so that the children could pick the fish up. Harper, Hunter, Sophia, and Dakota decided to try it out!

"I got it!" -Harper

"Look, we can all do it!" - Hunter
                                                       "I can pick them up!" - Sophia

Teaching Strategies Gold- Physical- Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills 

-Ms. Huber

Friday, November 20, 2015

Bridges Program!

Yesterday children took part in the weekly Bridges Program. This program is about 'bridging' the gap between generations. It includes a book about older generations and then a visit from older generations, in which they do a project with the children. Yesterday the children put beads on wire that the volunteers then helped the children make into a bracelet or a key chain, while forming connections with some volunteers of an older generation.
"She helped me!" -Pelumi

"Look!' -Lemar (to a volunteer at the table)

Teaching Strategies Gold
Social Emotional 2a: Forms Relationships with Adults

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Building Together!

On the carpet in the Walnut room, a group of children gathered before large group and used the magnetic blocks to construct. They were building a tower. Each child helped put the pieces together to make it bigger. It was interesting how they were taking turns and making sure that everyone was part of the creation. 

"I want to make it taller than the adults!"

"Let's all take turns!"

"Brennen, put it here."

Teaching Strategies: Social-Emotional: Participates Cooperatively and Constructively in Group Situations.

Ms. Jagoda

Watercolor Art!

Anaya, Daniel, and Asa were all working at the watercolor table in the Oak Room today. Children are able to work independently at this table because at the beginning of the year they are all taught the expectations of painting with watercolors. They learn how to dip the brush, get the excess paint off, place the brush on their paper, and how to return it back to its correct paint color. 

"I'm painting my bracelet." -Asa 

"What are you painting?" -Daniel
"I'm painting you!" -Anaya

"I'm writing my name" -Daniel 

T.S. Gold: #33 Explores the visual arts 
Miss. Fair 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How Do Children Use Objects to Represent Something Not Present?

Today, the Nature group met around the rug in the Walnut room as we always do. Our lead teacher, Mrs. Weller is at a conference in Florida, so we decided to FaceTime her during small group time.

The teachers explained to the children that, although Mrs. Weller is not here with us in person, we would be able to see her on the laptop screen.

Rohan, Ayrez, Ana, Zoey H., Carter B., Sarah and Asher gathered around the computer as we dialed Mrs. Weller's number.

Mrs. Weller! -Rohan
I see Mrs. Weller! -Asher
Hello everyone! -Mrs. Weller
Hello! -Group 
Where are you Mrs. Weller? -Zoey H. 
I am in Florida! How's the weather in Michigan where you are? It's warm here in Florida and it is not raining. -Mrs. Weller 
It's raining outside here! -Asher
Yeah, it's raining and cold! -Carter B. 

Is there anything else you would like to say to Mrs. Weller before we let her go? -Teacher
I do, it's my birthday! -Zoey H.
Wow, happy birthday! -Mrs. Weller
I want to say something, we miss you! -Ana
Miss you too! -Mrs. Weller
See you when you come back! -Asher
Bye! -Group (Waving to the screen)

After hanging up with Mrs. Weller, the teachers asked the children what their favorite part of Facetiming with Mrs. Weller was. 

My favorite part was seeing her face! -Ayrez
I saw Mrs. Weller! -Rohan 
I saw her face too! -Sarah 
She was on the computer! -Carter B. 

Teaching Strategy: #14- Uses symbols & images to represent something not present

Ms. Ball