Thursday, April 16, 2015

Castle grand opening!

This week, children worked very hard to put the final touches on the castle they have been constructing over the last few weeks. The beginning of the week was busy as a group of children were interested in painting the outside of the castle. Today was the grand opening in the Pine room! Children were finally able to enjoy their creation and were ecstatic about it!

"Let's pretend we are komodo dragons Alex! We can be guarding the castle." -William
"Let me take a picture so you can remember your vacation in the castle" - Dakota

Objective 14: Uses symbols and images to represent something not present
b. - Engages in sociodramatic play


A Walk to the IET Building

Today, Tolga Kaya, Ela's dad, took Mrs. Nims's small group to the IET building where he works. He talked to about the building and we got to walk up to the second floor, in which Axel told a teacher that "we walked on a bridge."  Mr. Kaya also showed us a couple classrooms and we got to  meet one of his colleagues.  While in the building, the children had noticed that it has a lot of the shapes that we have been learning about.
Mr. Kaya showing the children the classrooms. "There are people on their computers in there." - Jude

The children looking at different art that students have made.

Mrs. Nims's small group

 Have a wonderful weekend!!
~Ms. Coomes

Teaching Strategies 21: Explores shapes 8: Listens to and understands increasingly complex language

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What a Wacky & Wonderful Wednesday! :)

We could not have asked for a better Wednesday! With the weather being so beautiful the lead and student teachers decided to open the outside for morning and afternoon centers. In the morning the children had the option to stay inside and find activities to do in the oak room and the maple room, along with the choice of going outdoors. The children also had this option in the afternoon but the pine and walnut rooms were open. Needless to say, although the rooms were busy too; the outside seen a lot of action. 

Let's kick the ball together

I wanna play monster.

Send this picture to my mom! 

Do you want a ride?

We're building a snowflake.
The train is coming!
We can hear the whistle.

Just a few more days left of the Spring semester!
Let's finish it strong. :) 

Ms. Roesch

Teaching Strategies: # 4, 5, 6: 
Demonstrates traveling, balancing, and gross-motor manipulative skills 

Making Alphabet with Rope!

Today in our small group, a teacher did an activity to recognized letters. She showed upper case letters to children and asked them to read those letter. Children recognized most of the letter. Some said my name starts with that letter. After this, the teacher gave each child a rope to make letters. Some children made letters of their names and some made different letter. Children were engaged in this activity. 
Sarah: "I made an A"
William: "I made "W" my name starts with it"
 Mrs. Potter helped Max make a letter.

Jamie: "I made an  O"
Children  busy making letters

Teaching Strategies Gold# 16: Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet
Have a great night!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Books From Around The World

For small group we went on a walk to the library to visit an exhibit on children's books from around the world. The children looked around at the books displayed in different languages. They also sat around a rug and flipped through some books laying out on a chair. Mr. Jonaitis read a story to the group.


On the walk back to the school some children held hands to stay in a group. The children stopped to look at some trees to look more closely at the little red buds they saw on the branches.  


Teaching Strategies Gold 
# 17 Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses

Have a great night! 
-Miss Dawson 

Hard at work!

Today the children experienced a really mixed up schedule, had the opportunity to celebrate Taco Tuesday with some special guests, and were able to spend even more time outside than usual! While they were out there, the children played with one another on the play equipment, in the sandbox, with chalk, while painting the castle, playing basketball, and with hopscotch! There were many choices and the children had lots of ideas while they were hard at work.

"Hang on to me, Danny, and we can go down together!"

"Wait Serenity, I need to catch up!"

"I filled this all the way up with that shovel!"

"I'm going to draw around my body again!"

"I'm covering up the white spots; [do] you see any?" - Alex
"I'm using lots of blue!" - Leah
"I [will] throw it really hard to make it in there."

"I will draw the hopscotch so we can play."

Cross your fingers for more beautiful weather so that we can keep up our outside work!
Miss Jones

Teaching Strategies Gold #5: balancing, #6: gross motor manipulation, #7: writing tools

Monday, April 13, 2015

Today was bright in the Studio of Light!

Today in the Studio of Light the children experimented with our new light bright board! The children drew different pictures and designs on black paper with chalk. They then brought their pictures into the Studio of Light and poked holes through the paper with the light bright pieces. This made their pictures light up with different colors.
 "Leah, I'm making a tree! What are you making?" -Axel
"Wow, I have a lot of colors." - Luke

"When I lift my paper I can see through the holes." -Tony

It was a busy Monday! Very excited for a great rest of the week!
Ms. McGowan

Teaching Strategies Gold: Cognitive #11 Demonstrates positive approaches to learning.