Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chilly Wednesday!!

Hello Families,

Today was a chilly day at the CDLL. The children in the Walnut Room went on a field trip in the morning to the Museum of Culture and Natural History. While they were there they went on a bear hunt and explored the exhibits.

The rest of the CDLL had a normal day of school. The water table in the Walnut Room was popular today. The colors blue and yellow were available in the table and the children were able to mix the colors together to create green or use the variety of tools provided to explore the water.

At the end of the day everyone was bundled up and went outside to play. The spinning chair was very popular along with the climbing structure and the bikes.

Have a fantastic rest of your Wednesday everyone!
- Amanda Overbeck 

T.S Gold Strategy 29
Demonstrates knowledge of living things.

Happy Wednesday!

Today, some students went on a field trip. For those of us who stayed, we kept busy playing in various rooms and outdoors. 
Aya found a worm today. She showed it to teachers and students, while riding on her bike.

Destiny explored different ways to go down the slide.

The Oak Room small group worked on collage projects with leaves, rocks, acorns and other natural items. 

There was an "egg hunt" put on by a small group of children during outside time. The rocks under the bridge were the eggs. 

This morning, a group of children spent time with the trains. They worked on and practiced sharing and building as a team. 

Teaching Strategies GOLD:  6. Gross motor manipulation
4. Traveling skills
3. Participates in group situations
Nicole Elzinga

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Wonderful Tuesday!

Today was cold in the morning but it warmed up by the time the children went outside in the afternoon. During morning center time in the Walnut room, Tony, Andrew, and James worked together to transfer water from a funnel through a tube and into a turkey baster. Christopher and James attached links to make a chain as long as the room. In the Oak room, Carter, Annabella, and Danny spent time at the writing center using markers, pencils and hole punches. Ainsley, Juli, and Carter worked with Mrs. Potter and manipulated the clay with their hands. Mrs. Potter also listened to a song and danced with Fifi and Ainsley. Gigi, Ellianna, Olivia Bean, Katherine and Elizabeth built cubes with the waffle blocks while outside this afternoon. 

Annabella looked at her name tag while she wrote her name on a sentence strip.  

Juli used her fingers to manipulate the clay. 

After stacking the waffle blocks, Gigi, Ellianna, Olivia Bean, Katherine, and Elizabeth made a silly face for the photo.
Tony held the funnel and the tube while James and Andrew poured water into them. 

We hope to see everyone at Papa's Pumpkin Patch on Friday! 
-Miss. Strobl & Miss. Minner

Teaching Strategies Gold: Literacy: Demonstrates emergent writing skills. 

Cold Day turned Beautiful!

Happy Tuesday! Today in the  Pine room Elizabeth, Olivia B., Gigi, and Serenity were playing in the hair salon. Makenzie and Violet played with babies the entire morning center time. They visited the kitchen, the diner, the doctors, and the picnic area. In the Maple Room, Jaquez and Axel were playing with the trains and tracks. Dakoda, Cooper, Kaden, and A.J. were playing with the knex that we added to the room last week. Also, Zin and Jamie were playing with the legos all morning center time. During the afternoon outside time the weather was beautiful. The sun came out and it warmed up more than the morning. Jamie, NA'Zya, PJ, and Kallix were playing hide and go seek with Mr. Jonatis outside during the afternoon also. 

Teaching Strategy Objective: 
Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations

Have a great night!
Miss Yost and Miss Melching 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday, Monday, Monday!

Good evening, families!

Today in the Oak room there were new natural materials added for art projects. The mud paint is now colored.  Christopher enjoyed helping his teachers mix the colors into the mud. The Oak room also has a new community project. The students are stringing natural items together to make new classroom decorations. There are also leaves for hole punching at the paper table.  Aidan, Annabella, Memo, and Juli were excited to plan to explore these natural materials in the Oak room this morning.

 There was a new toy added outside for some large motor play and many children explored how it works.  The waffle blocks have also been a hit for building outside. Students have been stacking, building around their bodies, and moving the blocks around the playground.  The sand has also been damp so students have been building sand castles.  Brooke and Sarah worked together to build a sand castle today.

Have a great week, and hope to see you all at Papa's Pumpkin Patch this Friday!
Claire Kittle
Tony practicing using the caterpillar large motor toy

Brooke building a structure of waffle blocks around her body

Carter exploring the red mud paint with a pinecone paintbrush

TS Gold Strategy #6: Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills

Happy Monday

Today the children in the Walnut room had an opportunity practice mixing colors at the water table. Brooke, Tony, and Luke mixed the water at the red table and the water at the blue table to make purple! There was also lots of building happening in the Walnut room; James, Christopher, and Andrew built castles, barns, and ice cream cones out of magnet boards. Outside the children had an opportunity to work on balance and use peddlers. The docent boards were introduced in the Pine room, and will be introduced to the rest of the classes throughout the week, feel free to use the opportunity to ask your child questions about them.
                                                    "I made Ice cream."- Andrew
                                                     "This is my castle."-Cooper

TS Gold: #5 Demonstrates balancing skills. 

Have a great day, Ms. Ciampa 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Extra Time Outside!

Today was a great day.  This morning in the Oak room, Savanna, Sabryna and Sanuthi were making leaf imprints with the clay.  In the Walnut room, we left one of the water tables empty to see what kind of ideas the children would have filling it.  Tony had thought of the idea to use a turkey baster to transfer water from one table to the next, other children followed. This afternoon the weather allowed us to close the Maple and Oak rooms after rest time to allow for more time outside. The teachers brought out a different stepping equipment today. It took the children a little time to figure out how they moved, but when Aya and Jaquez got the hang of it, they were traveling all over the playground. Also this afternoon on the playground, Tony, Savanna, and William were building with the waffle blocks and stacking them on top of each other.

Teaching Strategy Objective: Physical
Demonstrating travel skills

Have a great weekend
See you on Tuesday

Miss Yost and Miss Melching